Buddy couldn’t wait to get out of this one-horse town he called home. As he threw his duffel bag into the bed of the truck he hopped into his beat up ford and headed out. Where was he going? He didn’t care he just needed to get out of town. After his last break up with Samantha, he really needed to get out of town. That woman drove him crazy what break up was this one again? Either the 8th or 9th since high school.

He knew if he stayed in town he would never get out and wind up right back in bed with that golden-haired vixen by week’s end. He could never tell her no and he just knew that he would wake up one day with her as his wife and their three blonde haired blue eyed children barely making ends meet. He loved Samantha but knew they were not right for each other. He couldn’t stay here any longer he needed to spread his wings sink his feet into the ocean and watch the tide roll in over them.

He blew past the city limit sign that still had the bullet holes from when he got his first gun over 15 years ago. There were so many memories here and each one left a bitter taste in his mouth as they all centered around a certain blue eyed demon he loved. He drove for hours watching in the rear view mirror as the sun set behind him. As night blanketed over the earth a small sigh escaped him as the distance grew between him and the woman he loved but now knew could never have.

He headed west all the while thinking of her and her pink pouty lips. Her long blonde hair that was always wild and free just as she was. Just as silky as a corn husk he recalled a moment years ago after they made love lying naked under the big willow tree down by the creek. He traced the curve of her body with one calloused hand while running his other hand through the shimmering gold atop her head. She was perfection in all its forms. She was the living embodiment of what he imagined the Goddess Venus looked like. The sun peaking in between the branches while he stroked her full breasts it was the most perfect moment in time. It was as if time stood still, they were the only two people on the planet.

That was the moment Buddy knew he loved her and the exact moment he knew he would never be free of her. She was a part of him, she had wormed her way into his soul and she was never coming out. A lone tear tracked down his face as he sped by yet another city sign. He would never forget her but he knew it was now or never. If he didn’t leave right now he never would.

He reached the state line and almost slammed on the brakes. He had never been out of the state of Texas and suddenly with the New Mexico sign staring out at him in the inky darkness he was a little nervous. “You are a grown man , now man up”, he told himself as he stepped on the gas and headed into his future…

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