A beautiful disaster! This has inspired me to write about it! I have never had a tattoo my belief in it was, is a religious one. I never thought I would ever get a tattoo in a million years and maybe I never will! Yet this invokes something in me that I cannot even explain.

What is a beautiful disaster? Is it the homeless man on the street begging for change just so he can put food in his belly? Is he a beautiful disaster?  What if I told you that man that you passed by on the street was  a war vet and lost everything after fighting for our freedom? What then? Is he a beautiful disaster now? Is it the woman dropping off her kids at school seemingly put together and gorgeous?Is she a beautiful disaster?  What if I told you she drinks and beats those  very same kids regularly? What then? Is she a beautiful disaster now? screenshot_2016-04-25-22-19-192.jpg.jpeg   I have been doing a lot of new things lately and I can’t help but think that maybe I am going through some kind of dare I say mid-life crisis. Or is it just my journey. The journey of finding out, even more, layers of myself I thought lost or non-existent! All I know is when I see this picture I recognize myself in those two little words! I am a beautiful disaster! What with my past and present! I am finding I am a beautiful disaster and proud of it. Without the trials of my past, I wouldn’t be the person I am today!

I have scars you can’t see, I have wounds that may never heal buried deep within my soul. Yet here I am for all the world to see still struggling to put my world right again. We all are in a way. We rage wars on each other due to the color of our skin, or religion, or any excuse really!  We bully one another due to our own insecurities. We  suffer in silence at abuse.  We tear others down just to make ourselves feel alive. We fight one another for nothing and most times we lose. Even if it is a war we can win we lose a piece of ourselves in the process. That’s what a beautiful disaster is to me.  I am the most beautiful disaster I’ve ever seen! Maybe I will get this tattoo! The question is where? Those, two little words say it all. After all, we are all just human, we are all beautiful disasters…



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