It’s a healthy baby girl! Sarah said to the new mom who had just given birth. This was the 3rd delivery Sarah had done this month and it was only the second day. She smiled as she handed the sweet baby to the mother and walked out. One lone tear came to her eyes. Not being able to conceive children herself she thought becoming  an OBGYN would pacify her. Yet, these days it was getting harder and harder to do her job without crying.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t have them it was that is was very difficult and after 10 years of marriage of trying and failing her marriage inevitably fell apart. She had just signed the divorce papers  3 weeks ago. After an ill-fated seduction attempt on her part. Sure she and Ryan had made love but afterward, they had fought and officially ended their relationship.

She was now alone and depressed and needed to find a hobby or maybe another career. This was just becoming work for her. A job she used to love. She loved helping to bring new life into the world and seeing the immediate love in the mother’s eyes. Yet, Moments later she realized it was something she would never experience and it saddened her.

Swiping, the tear away from her eyes she put on a brave face and headed for the nurse’s station to see what lay ahead for her day. A wave of nausea hit her and she blotted her sweaty head with her handkerchief she had been carrying around  since yesterday. Obviously, she was getting a cold, the flu, food poisoning, or something. She had been feeling ill ever since she went out with a group of doctors for Indian food a couple of days ago. She should have never gone! She had been throwing up and breaking out in a cold sweat off and on ever since then. She struggled through her day today but now she felt maybe she should just go home and lie down.

Gathering her things out of her office she went to tell a nurse to cancel her appointments for the rest of the day. As she let someone know she continued to sweat and became light headed. Leaning on the elevator door she breathed deep low breaths to steady herself. Awaiting the blood tests to see what was going on with her she had taken earlier in the day would have to wait.  She needed to get home now. As the door on the elevator began to close that would take her to the garage and her car. She heard her name called “Sarah, Sarah, wait.” As Amber her friend and the nurse that drew her blood caught the door before they fully closed she looked up into her eyes.

Smiling ear to ear her friend said, “I got your blood tests back. I put a rush on them. I thought you would like to look at them yourself and congratulations!” Taking the file and looking up she was confused as her friend’s last words finally registered but her friend was gone and she was all alone in the elevator.

“What the hell did she mean by congratulations!” Sarah thought as she opened the file. How could her friend say that to her when she felt like she was dying. She quickly read the file and almost fell to the floor at what she found. Pregnant! Pregnant! She was pregnant! There was no cold, flu, or even food poisoning! She was going to have a baby! How, when?

It didn’t matter she was going to have a baby and nothing else mattered. After all these years. She shook her head as the tears began to fall! She needed to call Ryan, but what did she say? She needed to wait to tell him until she at least had had a sonogram. A smile wider than the sun erupted from her just as the elevator pinged open. Smiling and crying as she sauntered to her car.

She must have healed from all the past issues. Now she was healthy again! Healthy enough to bring her own new life into the world. As she stopped to throw up right as she got to her car door. The smile couldn’t be wiped away. What a beautiful day it was indeed …

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