What is a generation anyway! Some say it is a period of time when the elder passes on and leaves all his wisdom to the younger generation that he left behind. Some say it is just the passing of a significant amount of time. There are even a couple of different definitions for it.

1. generation- all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.

2. generation- the production of something.

I see the word generation as a period with which to better ourselves. We can take the opportunity to learn from our past mistakes and grow from them. Somehow, though, we don’t seem to be learning much as we just keep repeating the same mistakes year after year. Is there some kind of glitch here or are we as humans just flawed that we cannot seem to get it together and learn to love one another not war and kill each other off.

We need to keep it together here! We need to start changing now! For our children’s sake let’s learn to love one another pass it on. Pass that knowledge on to our children and our children’s, children. For generations to come…

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