I wake once again in a cold sweat! The memories that have plagued me for the better part of a decade are getting old. When will they stop! I drag myself off the mattress placed strategically in the corner and find my water bottle . Almost empty I try to take just enough to wet my chapped lips. I hear the desert wind now whipping through the halls of the school I once went to. I am now camped out here for the foreseeable future. Ever since the bombs fell so long ago our world has been turned upside down.

The day humanity was almost wiped from the earth. The day everything went to hell in a handbasket. What was left of humanity became murderers, rapist, and pure evil incarnate. I often wonder how I have actually survived this long without succumbing to my more primal urges. Hell, I’m surprised I am still breathing at all. Nothing left of the landscape just a scorched land that you can’t even walk on. The planet was now a living, breathing, hell on earth. Most of the rivers and lakes dried up long ago and People were now killing one another for what was left out there.

A lone tear tracks down my face as the memories of my family resurface. All alone in this world. I have watched each and every one of them die!  Then I begin to get angry at the loss of fluid. I have to walk several miles tomorrow just to try and find more water I no longer have time for tears.

The wind dies down and I lay back down my eyes now heavy I can barely stay awake. As I begin to drift once again the memories reappear and as I drift the pain and the horror of all those years ago come flooding back in my dreams.


I was seventeen the day the world went up in smoke. It became a world of CHAOS! Missiles fell like rain, ships imploded! It was said that was the day GOD forgot about us, that was the day he turned his back on creation, and let us wipe each other out. I among hundreds of others lost everything that day. I lost my family, my future, my place in the world.

I wake again and I am in the here and now. I almost forgot I was in this new world. This world of horror and pain.  How could I forget? In an instant, my world changed and I was left alone. Now here it is 10 years later. I still struggle to find my purpose among, a world gone mad. Those of us that are left still fight to retain our  humanity. Most do not win. Every day I wake up sane, is a blessing. I wonder again how long it will take until I lose my mind completely.

I guess we will find out soon enough…


This is part of one of the many books I have started what do you think?

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