Chance Encounters are a fickle thing or a “meet cute” as they say in the movies. Like bumping into someone on the Subway. Only to realize years later they were the worst mistake of your life.  Sometimes, though, sometimes and the only way to describe it is a quote from one of my favorite movies “SOMEONE LIKE YOU” It is “SOMETIMES YOU OPEN THE BARN DOOR, OR THE HOSPITAL ROOM DOOR, OR THE BEDROOM DOOR AND YOU FIND THE REAL THING!”  My biggest “chance encounter” was meeting my husband. A car ride you share with a total stranger both on the way to the bar to drown your sorrows. Turns out he was  the love of my life. Whether it be the love of your life or the best friend and sister you never had. Chance encounters are not meaningless!

People come in and out of our lives at random or chance meetings. Or do they? I believe  every “chance encounter” is not by chance at all. Everyone we meet either change us for the better or they help us learn from those terrible mistakes and make us better despite them.

Every person I have ever met have either taught me who I would one day become or are people that I hold close in my heart.There are no “chance encounters” or random meetings. These are the moments we as humans become the better versions of ourselves. Whether we choose to learn from it and what we choose to take from it all… That is up to us…

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One thought on “CHANCE ENCOUNTER

  1. Have you read “The Celestine Prophecy?” I interpret its story as metaphor, but its biggest takeaway (for me anyway), is that each ‘chance encounters’ with another human being represents a cornucopia of possibility. Thanks for sharing your post.

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