Sacrifice! Really this is my word of the day! Wow! It’s funny since this word is part of my blog name “SACRIFICIAL CHAIN BREAKER”! It was not thought of lightly. I always knew that if and when I started a blog I wanted the name Sacrifice in there somewhere!

I am sacrificing my privacy and sharing it with the world maybe it is to help others maybe to just help myself. Either way, the feeling that I am helping someone somehow through my writing is well worth… everything I have been through!

I also knew I wanted it to have chain breaker in it somehow, yet I couldn’t wrap my head around those three words together. A friend of mine from work suggested it and she will never know how much I truly appreciate her input and with that SACRIFICIAL CHAIN BREAKER was born! Chain Breaker, I would think, is self-explanatory. I am breaking the chain of violence and horror of my past and showing my kids a better life than the one I had.

Yes, I am the sacrificial lamb here yet it doesn’t feel like it.  I originally wanted the blog to be called no sacrifices! Which should also be self-explanatory! One of my favorite songs and I fear my theme song is called SACRIFICE BY THEORY OF A DEADMAN. It speaks of “no sacrifice today” and I have ran with it. If you haven’t heard this song youtube it right now!

I have made so many sacrifices in my life! The count is endless! Sad really that I have let things slide when I was wronged, let people walk all over me just to avoid a confrontation, and the biggest sacrifice of all, burying the real me so deep I forgot for many years who I even was. It is the worst feeling in the world to not be who you are meant to be.

I still do things I don’t want to do but that is for the love of my family. These kinds of sacrifices I am willing to make. I am, however, no longer willing to let someone get the best of me, compromise who and what I am for someone else’s happiness, and most of all there will never be any sacrificing my happiness again!

I am a writer, a mother, a lover, a wife, and a friend. I don’t have to sacrifice anything but time for those I cherish. It has been a long journey to get here but I am happier now that I don’t have to sacrifice who and what I am for anyone. I have learned through the love of my husband and friends that if you don’t like me for me… Well, then I don’t need you in my life! As the song says “there will be no sacrifice today! At least, not from me anyway…


Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.

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