I live in the shadows. I  walk the streets at night while you are snug in your bed. I crave you on a primal level. I can smell you… I can hear your heartbeat from blocks away. I watch you sleep a dreamed filled sleep. I plant myself in your thoughts and watch you yearn for me. “Invite me in,” I whisper my words carry themselves to you and I snicker as you call to me in your sleep.

I head back to my place wishing I was there, tasting your sweet nectar from the hollow of your throat. As daylight comes I fall into my usual deathless sleep. While you rise for the day and head out to work. I would love to be able to dream of you but there are no dreams for me only the wish for night to come so I can see  you once more.

The night comes again and I rise once again, fresh and thirsting for what only you can give me. I roam the streets looking, searching for your scent. I find you once again and in my excitement my eyes start to glow. I am giddy, and my fangs pop out of my gums. I have waited long enough. Tonight, tonight I will claim you for my  own.

Your heartbeat thunders in my ears, your pulse quickens as I slip into your mind. Your scent is like ambrosia to my senses.I am your every nightmare come to life. Ahh, the night calls to me…Can you guess?

What am I?

<a href=””>Shadow</a&gt;



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