Obstacles are the bane of my existence! My life has been filled with every obstacle that life can throw at me. Yet I’m still standing!  How is this possible you say? Well, it is a head scratcher for sure. I don’t even know. Well, I guess I do! Only by the grace of God!

Every time I have overcome one thing and think “There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Wham! Some other obstacle inevitably follows. That feeling that “I just can’t catch a break” or “bad things only happen to good people” has been a mantra of mine since I could draw breath. Yet, here I am still standing here having overcome each and every one of them. Waiting for the next one to arrive.

I realize now these are not obstacles! These are life! I am living it and sometimes there are ups and sometimes there are downs. Deal with it! The choices we make about said obstacles and how we deal with them make us who we are. Without these obstacles, we would lead pretty boring lives. Yes, I would love some boredom once in a while but these obstacles build our character and make Us the people we were meant to be.

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