Max traces the CURVE of Jennifer’s body with his fingertips. Roughned calloused hands gently graze down her bare back sending shivers down her spine. She licks her lips as she turns her head to face him and her dirty blonde locks fall into her eyes. The sandman’s dream filled sleep has evaporated as he goes in for another trace of her body. Now fully awake she is completely turned on.

Her cowboy sure knew how to use his hands. most women didn’t like the callouses from, a man’s hands but not her. The roughness added some extra stimuli to her rapidly fraying nerve endings. Now caressing her, she felt bad and decided that she needed to let her fingers do the walking as she walked them over to his already half  erect cock. Slipping her hand into the flap in his boxers she grasped him he was instantly rock hard. Now hard as steel Jennifer licked her lips. Thinking about sliding the pink tip into her mouth made her almost giddy with excitement.

He continued to graze her body with his fingers as if nothing was going on all he while he began to quake from her ministrations. With her hand wrapped tightly around his turgid girth, she began to slowly raise her hand up and down. Suddenly he shifted his hands and they were now all over her rubbing her ass, her hair, and now digging under her to get to her sweet candy center.

Rolling over giving him more access brought his erection even closer to her mouth that was even now peeking out of his boxers. Licking her lips again Max caught the action and a growl escaped him. Obviously thinking the same damned thing she was. He reached up and roughly grabbed her left breast and tweekd her nipple alomst to a painful point. Getting more turned on by the second he knew exactly what he was doing and where to affect her the most. Thinking turn about is fair play she finally did the one thing that would send him over the edge. She stuck her pink tounge out and licked the slit in the head of his cock.

Going ramrod straight he was definatly growling now and she continued licking until he was vibrating so bad she thoought he might vibrate them right off the bed. Finally having had enough foreplay her wrenched himself from her grip and flipped her over fully spreading her legs wide for him as he went.

Positioning himself above her she did become giddy and a giggle slipped between her lips. This was going to be so much fun. Another giggle slipped out as she thought “The trouble with the CURVE is that it always leads to sex”…

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