I look down at hands that are now a strangers. When did I get this old when did my hands become those of an old lady! Sure there are no sun spots and few wrinkles but with my dark skin and all the scars, they have aged to the point I can no longer recognize them. What the hell!

The grey hair that is now multiplying like rabbits tells yet another story. What is happening to me! Just yesterday I was 18 and graduating thinking that the year of 2016 was something out of a science fiction novel and the thought of being 40 would be the age of the crypt keeper. Yet here I am almost 40 not in a science fiction but living life. I am not as old as I thought I would be back then. All those years ago and they went by in a flash.

What’s next the crow’s feet! The saggy boobs! I shudder at the  thought. I can’t even begin to imagine what the next 10 years will look like. Man, I hope I’m not bald by then.


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