Risks? Risks! I have never been one to take risks! Fast forward to the here and now I am 39 years old and I am for the first time taking the biggest risk of my life! I am finally pursuing my dream WRITING! I am the kind of girl that would rather sit and read than go skydiving or bungy jumping. I am the girl (the only girl) in the club not shaking her ass. Instead, I am sitting at the bar drinking my cares away instead of acting like an idiot with the rest of the drunks in there.

However, when I write I am fearless I am the girl in the club that all the men want but can’t have. I am not the girl that sits on the side lines while the world passes me by. I enter a world of fantasy, of dragons, shifters, vampires and the  alike. I enter a world where the good guy always gets the damsel in distress and the bad guy always gets the devil’s due.

Risks? I take risks every time I enter into this world because I write what I feel and sometimes the demons that stalk me come back to haunt me. Sometimes it is either the fantasy world I now crave and sometimes it is those pesky demons of my past that still   chill me to the bone. That’s the risk I take but it’s worth it.

Gravity can no longer hold me down I fly! Fly free of the demons that chase me or on the back of that beautiful dragon I have yet to tame. The risks I now take are ones of the heart and I can no longer say  I never take risks because I am in the middle of the biggest risk of my life. The one that matters most to me in the world other than my children and husband. My writing, it is a risky business this passion I have but to me, it is well worth it.

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