Earth the 3rd planet from the sun. What can I say about it that you don’t already know about! It is my home it is my planet. It is the only planet that can sustain life. (my life anyway). There is a theory that scientists are working hard to prove there are other planets out there that maybe just maybe could sustain human life.

It is pretty to think in the far distant universe there are other planets with other humans on it that are thinking they are the only life form out there. Yet, being a believer in God I don’t think so. I think this is the one planet God created just for us. His favorite creations.

He made it so that the earth knows when to rotate around the sun and the moon. It knows when to change seasons as if has been programmed that way. Amazing!

Our planet Earth is billions of years old! Can you just imagine the things she has seen! The history that the surface of our planet has seen. If she could only talk I can imagine the things she would say. The things she has witnessed, the sheer amount of time she has witnessed hidden in her murky depths of the solar system.

I kills me when people say that we need to find another viable planet that could sustain us. Just in case! I am for some reason reminded of the movie TOTAL RECALL! Where people lived on Mars and other planets. Not the new version of the movie but the original. It was way better, but I say to you what if that never happens? What if another planet doesn’t exist? What then?

I say we take care of the one we got! No more polluting the ozone with our toxic chemicals. No more littering. No more dumping massive amounts of oil into our oceans killing off the sea life. If we can all do this we wouldn’t need another planet to call home. I don’t know about you but my mother used to say “Be happy with what God gave you.”

Now that I am older I know that doesn’t just apply to my looks. It also applies to my planet! My home! My Earth!

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