FAKE-  A thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.

The definition says it all! The word FAKE is something not genuine. It is also used to describe a certain type of people. I bet we all know someone like that. I have never understood why there are some out there that choose to be fake. The one thing I have encountered in my years is there are a lot of fake people out there. Usually, these “fake” people are bullies as well.

I have encountered a lot of fake people over the years and I now realize that there is something ultimately wrong with these people. Maybe they have insecurities about themselves so they don’t show the real them to people. Maybe they don’t want anyone to see their checkered past and judge them because deep down they know they were bad and still have yet to forgive themselves for said transgressions.

Whatever the case may be I can’t stand fake people. They are usually the person that is stuck up or down right me to others. Thinking their shit don’t stink while looking down their noses at those of us that are truly honest with themselves. You know what, I just had a thought maybe that is jealousy rearing its ugly head. The thought that maybe they will be found out in their lies by others.

You know those “fake people I’m talking about! Those that are friendly to your face but later  hear how bad they talked about you. Or those people that don’t have a dime to their name but live like they got millions, and yet, they have the audacity to look down on me as if I’m nothing more than a dirty mongrel under their feet.

I have never had the patience or the time to deal with fake people! I have always been one of those rare breeds that “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET”! It has taken me many years to be okay with that. I would love to be one of those people that go around spouting garbage and acting as if I am better than everyone, but that is not in my nature and I NEVER  compromise who and what I am just to make friends. I guess that is why I have had so few that I can truly call friend, in my life.

I guess despite  all the beatings and name calling my mother did teach me good morals and compassion for others. Or maybe I just learned that in spite of her. I have a sort of 6th sense when it comes to “fake” people and I can tell in the first five minutes of speaking to someone if they are fake or not. It is a gift really, one that has been honed and sharpened over the years. Maybe that is critical of me to say, but it has saved me from having a lot of heartache over the years. No wasting time on people that can’t be real with me.

I have learned through a lot of self-discovery if these fake people can’t at least show parts of them self to the world they will never find true friendships or love. Instead of hating these people like I once did in high school I now just feel sadness for them. I have good friends, a good marriage and I didn’t get those by being fake. I got them through being honest with myself. I know these people are not being true to who and what they are and I am sure it is exhausting being fake all the time.

Don’t change so people will like you.

Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

That last part was my quote for the day from quotes online.

It is very easy to do.  Be yourself and the rest will just fall into place…

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