Huddled in the closet I strain to hear what is going on outside if it. I hear footsteps getting closer and closer as my breathing increases. Terrified I will be found out I try to rearrange some of the stuff in here to block me from being seen.

Pitch dark I, being afraid of the dark begin to imagine things in here. Also claustrophobic , I feel that the closet was a poor choice on my part. I hear the footsteps again in the distance and I stiffen once more. Only breathing again when I hear the footsteps vanish down the hall.

I finally begin to look around me and shadows dance between the clothes hanging there. The darkness seems to cocoon me and swaddles me in its blackness. Sweat begins to bead on my forehead as my imagination plays tricks on me.

My hearing has picked up every little sound including my now rapidly beatingĀ heart. Inky black dots appear before my eyes and I feel as if I might throw up. Again I regret the choice of hiding in the closet.

The small space appears to be closing in on me and I know the oxygen is being sucked out of here somehow. I raise up to the door and again listen for these wicked footsteps but hear nothing but my own heartbeat thundering in my ears. I sit here a moment ear to the door just trying to breathe. The seconds tick by as if they are hours.

Suddenly, the door is opened and I spill onto the floor gulping in lungfuls of air. As a drowning, man would. “Ah! Ha! Gotcha,” John says as I squint up at my little brother. I am now eye level with his feet and realize he had gotten smart, he had removed his shoes. Padding around in his mismatched socks. It’s no wonder I hadn’t heard him creep back into my room.

Smiling ear to ear. He is giddy that he finally beat his big sister at this game. I, on the other hand, have been to hell and back in the fifteen minutes, it took him to find me.

Man, who knew hide and seek was such a dangerous game…


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