Just take a breath and relax! Really! That is hard to do when those demons begin to raise their ugly heads and doubt inevitably sinks in. I heard something yesterday that normally would bring me to my knees from all the demons that would normally attack. However, this, time although I won’t lie it did smart a little. The little dragon that I found lives in me came awake with a vengeance.

She said screw this I  have to make it. Breathing her heavy fire she was pissed the light from her fire beating back those demons that usually cause me to go into a catatonic state. I have been having issues with my blog and my book. Not one of my friends and family have read any of my blogs and none of them have bought my book. If I can’t even get them to buy my book and read my stuff how the hell am I to expect the rest of the world to read it and I have been doing this almost a year now.

However, yesterday with said snide comment I realize this person that said it doesn’t even know me. Most people truly don’t know me. There was a fellow blogger that posted a test on facebook about the post Identity just to get another perspective from other people on what they think of them. I was curious and did the same.

I was a little disappointed that there were only about 4 comments. Most of them were decent but there was one that pissed me off. This came from a relative and I realized in this moment she really doesn’t know me at all. How is it possible the ones that should know you the best don’t even know you at all?

After the last couple of days, the fire I had when I first started blogging has come back full force and now I am more determined than ever to get my name out there. For all those people out there that think they know me but don’t! For all those people that said I would never make it as a writer or anything else in life! It may not seem right but I have something to prove I have to prove to all these people that I do matter that what I say matters! Thanks to all you fellow bloggers I now know I can succeed and I thank each and every one of you for reading my blogs. You will never know how much it means to me every time I see a like or comment from you. Maybe you all know me better than my own friends and family!

I have made startling discoveries about myself and realize I don’t need their approval, but it would be nice to be acknowledged about what I am trying to accomplish here. If anyone has any tips on how I can get more recognition other than Twitter and Facebook for my book please let me know.

All I want to be able to do is tell them all Fuck you bitches I made it! What do you think if that? And see their faces as they realize despite all of their nasty words and no encouragement, I made it. I want to see their faces in that moment that hits them of all the things that they have said over the years and the horror of their words hits them back in the face. Once they realize they were so wrong. I don’t have time to take a breath I have so much work to do. Got to get to work now proving them wrong…

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