SNAP crackle pop! That is the sound my cereal makes as the milk soaks in. Yum, I can’t wait to sink my spoon into the chocolatey goodness. I wait for a heartbeat before I do so as the milk to cereal ratio is perfect. I grab a big heaping spoonful and raise it to my lips. Still snapping and crackling and popping I open wide and slide it into my mouth. The taste is like ambrosia to my senses.

I SNAP my fingers as my head bobs along to the song I am listening to. This song reminds me of a beautiful spring day and I feel free. Free as a bird that is able to roam and fly where it wants. The song is now in my heart and stays there as a sort of euphoria washes over me.

SNAPPED  is a tv show in which people, everyday people just SNAP  lose their minds and go on a killing spree. Maybe it is just one person maybe more but I have always been interested in what makes then just SNAP. Kill the one they love or their child why? What could possibly make their mind break down to the point that they don’t even realize what they are doing is wrong! I know as much as I have been through I could never take someone’s life. Maybe if I was being threatened with my life but that is self-defense so it doesn’t count.

This is all I have today for the daily prompt SNAP. I hope you enjoyed it.

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One thought on “RAMBLINGS OF SNAP

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