Identity,  It is the thing that identifies who you are. However, There are so  many people out there in Identity crisis. I until recently found that I have been in a crisis of sorts. No, no one  stole my identity (that I know of) and I am not in a sort of crisis  of the gender persuasion. I have been on a journey that has taken me to a whole new world of discovering, myself. I had a thought yesterday that most or all of my clothes once belonged to someone else. This is the biggest epiphany I have ever had. How is it I have just gone through life not even knowing what my style of clothes are! I guess I always thought if it is free why not!

Again this has thrown up anther Identity problem for me. Who am I? That is the question I have  been trying to figure out since the day I left home. I then realized I know who I am where it counts. I am a good God fearing woman. When I love I love with all of me. When I trust I trust wholeheartedly. Until said trust is broken then you are dead to me. I am not a read between the lines kind of girl. I shoot from the hip. I give it to you straight and expect the same in return. I cherish my kids and love them to the death of me. I am loyal to a fault and expect the same as a friend, wife, and lover. There are no grey lines for me. Things are either black or white. I am a perfectionist when it comes to things that truly matter to me.

I have finally found my voice and realize I am very opinionated. If people don’t like it tough. I am finally free of others opinions and I gotta say it feels great. I am free of the shackles I now know I bound myself to. I have my convictions and I stick to them. No persuading me otherwise.  I am a writer, a wife, a mother and a good friend, this is my Identity. Who cares what kind of clothes I am wearing.

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3 thoughts on “IDENTITY

  1. I like your post very much, I think I will follow your footsteps and change the way I’m now and be what I want to be, even if others don’t like it.
    Thanks for making me see myself in a different light, hopefully, it will make me feel better about myself.

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