It is way past my BEDTIME as I toss and turn unable to sleep. My mind races and all I can think about is the next day and everything I have to do. It is now nearing 2am. Frustrated and pissed off I sling back the covers and make my way to the phone. I begin to dial the one person that could possibly get me to sleep soundly, Neal. Neal has always wanted to get into my pants and I am so tired and frustrated I am finally ready to take him up on his offer.

After a few rings, a deep sleep filled voice answers, “Hello”   I can feel his voice clear down to the center of me. His deep baritone has always done something to my insides and as much as I hate to admit it has always turned me on. I whisper, “Neal it’s me, Becky, I’m ready”. That was all it took for him to wake up and this time when he answered his voice was clear and filled with sexual innuendo. “I’m  coming for you baby right now”. As the phone went dead a giggle escaped me.

What the hell was I thinking I knew this man would be the death of me. I have been in love with the big jerk ever since I  met him 3 years ago and now I had willingly invited him to my house with every intention of having him bang me into a sleep coma. Tall and handsome he was built like a linebacker, women fawned over him at a disgusting rate. Probably having slept with most or all of them Becky was disgusted by his conquests. However, having limited skills she was excited at the thought of him doing all sorts of things to her. Jumping in the shower she couldn’t wait  for that doorbell to ring.

Throwing his clothes on and jumping into his car. Neal could hardly believe this was happening he had told her to call him if she ever needed a sexual release but never thought in a million years she would ever take him up on his offer. Becky was sex on a stick but he knew she was a good girl. He, on the other hand, had fucked most or all of the town and then some. He never thought she would ever go for him but now that she had, he planned on never letting her go. It had been love at first sight when he first laid eyes on her 3 years ago. She may think this would be a one night stand but he knew this would change everything. He knew after tonight he would marry that girl. She had no idea the storm she had unleashed with those 6 little words.

Slipping into the teddy her friends got her as a gag gift on her birthday. She smirked who’s laughing now bitches. She was gonna have fun watching Neal rip it from her heaving body. Her nipples began to pucker at the thought and as she took one last look in the floor length mirror she was ready. Lit candles everywhere and her now drying hair framing her face and cascading down her back she thought Damn, I look good. The doorbell rang and a thrill of anticipation coursed through her at the thought of what was waiting on the other side of her door. It’s now or never as she went to open it. She opened it with all the sex appeal she could muster her breath caught in her throat at the sight of how hot Neal truly was. Eyes filled with lust and already breathing heavy she said ,”Please come in”. As he entered her house she shut the door. “Okay”, she thought it is definitely BEDTIME

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