I misplaced my thought before I had a chance to write it down. This is the conundrum of a writer I guess. It went running through my mind and now I now I am having a hard time catching up to it. I am in the midst of an all-out war with myself and my thoughts are a jumbled mess of chaos.

I sit here fingers at the ready. To type that thought and it has come at no surprise she is gone. I try to type more but that thought keeps nagging at me begging me to remember it. I cannot believe I forgot it! Frustrated and pissed at myself I shut the computer down. Ready myself for bed and lay there tossing and turning. Sleep eludes me as that misplaced thought mocks me. I struggle for hours to remember this so called thought that now I begin to feel as though was just my imagination to begin with.

As I begin to fall asleep I feel a weightlessness now overtake me. I start to drift and just as I feel I will finally sleep that thought hits me like a freight train. Son of a bitch I jump up quickly from the bed long enough to write it down. As I climb back in bed I feel a sense of peace as sleep quickly claims me. My last thought before I drift off to dreamland is damned those misplaced thoughts…

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/misplaced/”>Misplaced</a&gt;





One thought on “MISPLACED

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