“Tricky little bastard”, Carla said. As she uncovered the diamonds in her husband’s sock drawer. These weren’t just any diamonds either, they were the missing diamonds that had been stolen at a jewelry store over 3 months ago. She had been suspicious of her ‘darling husband’ ever since he missed their annual anniversary dinner. She remembered vividly waiting patiently 30 minutes, an hour, 2 hours after their supposed meet time getting more pissed my the second.

When the jewelry store, four blocks away from the restaurant alarm started blaring. Everyone in the area was evacuated. As she was being rushed out of the restaurant Matt had just appeared out of nowhere. Carla had asked him where the hell he had been. Turns out there was a misunderstanding and he thought she had said 9:00 pm instead of 7:00 pm. Which meant he was right in time.

Due to all the commotion she had bought it then, she didn’t now. How could she when the evidence was glittering in her hand. She guessed she didn’t really buy his cock and bull story before because she had been doing a little digging on Matt and her world had suddenly turned upside down.

Carla found out that his supposed ‘job’ didn’t exist. His real name was Jack and he was wanted in question in several states for theft and burglary. Their marriage was a farce! She had long since cried everything out over this man! Now she wanted revenge!

Carla had relived the last 3 years of their life together over and over! She had come to the conclusion that their marriage had been a way for him to hide in plain sight! Brought back to reality with the gorgeous stones in hand she realized there was only one option. Run!

Take his diamonds! The news said was worth a staggering 20 million. She needed to disappear where he could never get his hands on the pretty gems and she would have the ultimate revenge! She grabbed the diamonds and headed out. As she tucked the stones in her travel bag she pulled out her fake passport and headed to the waiting taxi.

Taking one last glance at the home she had built with a liar! She knew she could never return to the house of lies. As a lone tear trickled down her face for the loss of once was. An evil smile began to emerge. “Who’s the tricky one now bastard”, she whispered as she climbed into the taxi to begin her disappearing act…


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