For some reason, I always think of Ireland when I hear the term far away. Maybe it is because of the not so great movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman it was really long and really boring! However, I do always think of things like mystical druid stones and the beauty that is Ireland! I have never been there mind you, but these are the things that go through my mind nevertheless.

I think I have read one too many books on from the witchcraft and the fae land that is slowly eating its way into our world in Dublin to  the druid stones that hold mystical time traveling powers. Either way, it is mystical and magical and I love it! There is a new show on HBO called the Outlander Season 2 is getting ready to come on  next week! I can’t wait, no spoilers but the premise is these Druid Stones do actually work. And our heroine is hurtled through time and space to a different time a different era altogether. It is an amazing show and if you love mystery and magic while dealing with real life issues well this is your show.

I love this kind of stuff and even though Ireland has never been on my bucket list I would like to visit said Druid stones. It would be incredible to be able to feel the power and the magic in these stones. As long as I don’t go hurtling through time I rather like the one I’m in…


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