Have you ever written a letter to someone! I miss those days! The careful consideration before you take pen and paper and write to a loved one or a friend! Rummaging through your purse for that one stamp you bought months ago and just know it’s in the bottom somewhere! After spending hours finding said stamp then peeling the back off of it to stick it to your letter to be mailed! Or if you are older, actually having to lick that stamp to get it to stick. While your tongue is now sticky with glue you stick that stamp in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope. Giddy at the impending moment when you slide it into that mailbox and raise that little flag to let the mailman know there is something to pick up. Then agonizing over said letter for days or even weeks to get a response back. The anticipation making you wait on pins and needles.The excitement almost too much.

Now a days, there are so many ways to communicate it is ridiculous! Twitter, Facebook, Texting, Skype. It is a thing of beauty to be able to instantly connect with those very same loved ones that earlier took weeks to reach them. The technology is amazing and yet I feel as if there is something missing. That personal connection you have by way of a handwritten letter. that emotion and feeling you have in a letter versus a few short words. Yes, there are benefits to the instant connection of today’s tech but I feel as a people we are now missing that one component that truly connects us.

It has become a lost art this HANDWRITING thing! We all need to take the time and write a letter today…

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5 thoughts on “Handwriting

  1. I agree! I love getting letters and I save every single one. They also do not teach cursive writing in our schools (I’m in Florida) anymore. I have beautiful letters from my great grandparents, recipes, etc., all in cursive. I find it sad that my descendants won’t even know how to read them. Great post.

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  3. We love receiving snail mail, at least I do, but it’s still true as it ever was that you have to write to people to get some.

    Great thoughts. And thanks for dropping by Susan Kaye Writer.


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