It is a little-known fact the world is round! Back in 1492 however, it was the perspective of everyone that the world was flat as the Kansas planes are today!

One man, Christopher Columbus said and I am paraphrasing here “Nope, the world is round and I’m gonna prove it by sailing in that direction and I should wind up in Asia.

As we all know he was right the world was round but instead of finding a direct water route to Asia he found “The New World”. He found a world uncompromised. A land untamed,wild, and free. He found a whole new world to discover and the possibilities were endless.

Fast forward a few hundred years to Abraham Lincoln. From his perspective, all men should be equal. Not judged and treated differently  by the color of their skin. He fought and as one of the greatest men in history he did the unthinkable! He freed the slaves! he was a visionary that none of us will ever forget. Good Ol’ “Honest Abe” changed history and our lives forever.

Continuing on about a 100 years late to Martin  Luther King Jr. His famous line ” I have a dream”Still resonates throughout the world some 50 years later! He had no preconceived notions or misconceptions about the freedoms we all share today. He knew even though Abraham Lincoln freed all men! They were not yet, equals! Martin Luther King Jr changed all of that with his voice and actions.

It is my perspective that without these men and their different perspectives on the world. It would look far different today! I shudder to think of it! We need to brave the elements like Columbus did. We need to affect change like Abraham Lincoln did. We need to be heard like Martin Luther King Jr did.

All these men had one thing in common they changed others perspectives on the world. That is what made them great!

I know I could never be among the ranks to the likes of these men, but I am damned sure willing to try…

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