My young son said to me this morning while we were waiting in my car for the bus “Mommy there is no such thing as Monsters, but Ghosts are real.”

Caught off guard by this out of the blue statement I said, “Your right Monsters aren’t real but why do you think Ghosts are?” He looked me right in the eyes and reminded me of a time right after the “Branson incident” which is another blog called “AFRAID OF THE DARK”. That in fact, he remembered one incident with his toys! They were going off bells, whistles, even the music playing even after I had taken all the batteries out! It was in the middle of the night and he kept telling someone he didn’t want to play right now. He needed to sleep. This incident convinced me that something or someone had followed us from the whole Branson thing. I am still to this day convinced they were there to protect my son. It felt like the same fearful presence I felt in Branson. (A mother’s fear for her child).

Today I didn’t know what to say to him to comfort him. It is over 6 years later and for him to describe in detail things I have forgotten it must have been traumatic for him. I did the only thing I could possibly do in this moment. I hugged him, gave him a kiss on the cheek, told him I loved him and put his 9-year-old butt on the bus.

I got back to the house and his words just kept running through my mind. “Monsters aren’t real but Ghosts are” It just kept repeating over and over in my head in his serious tone until I knew the only thing I could do was write about it!

First of all, he is my innocent boy and I don’t have the heart to shatter that innocence with the fact that monsters are very real! We see them on television all the time. Now I’m not talking about the fictional characters you see on movies or tv shows like Dracula, or the Boogeyman. I am talking about the news where yet another man was gunned down in the streets simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the mother that killed her baby just because it was crying too loud. Or, devastation, one country reeks on the other. Just because of their religion.

As an American Citizen, I guess I don’t get this last one at all because I grew up in a land that was founded by people running from religious persecution. They  wanted to blaze their own trail and have the freedom to believe what they want. And so it goes some 250 years later we still have the freedom any the right to believe what we want, worship as we please and yet we are still persecuted for it.

Now even in our own country! When did we forget how this country began, when did we forget our true reasons our ancestors , fought for our freedom. Where we came from?

There is so much fighting in the world that I cannot even think of showing my son the news! There are so many monsters in it now that I lay awake at night terrified for my children. What future do they have if everyone is so hell bent on killing one another! I can only pray there is a special place in hell reserved for those people. So please protect your kids and our future.

As for Ghosts, I know they are real too. I have had way too many paranormal experience in my life not to believe in them. This one scripture from the Bible always makes me think of our souls lingering long after we have turned to dust. It is in Revelations about the end of days. If you haven’t read Revelations it is still to this day the scariest book I have ever read. It is what the end of days will be for all of us. No one will escape “JUDGEMENT DAY”!

That one scripture says “THE DEAD WILL RISE FROM THE GRAVE” Which means to me that there are souls that haven’t moved on their souls waiting, their judgement and maybe sometimes we can either see then or feel their presence. This is my belief and I don’t judge others because their beliefs are different! I embrace their differences!

I feel it is God’s way of letting me have an open heart and mind. In the end, it all comes down to no matter what religion you are we all believe in something more than ourselves. Whether his name is God, Alpha, Jehovah, or whatever there is still one being we believe in. His origins may be varied. It is still a higher power than anything we mere mortals can fathom.

I have faith in my God that he will one day end these wars, end our suffering, shut these monsters down for good and finally let the ghosts rest. We will finally be at peace. Until then let’s try and make the most out of the life he gave us.

Get those monsters out from under or beds. Stop running from ghosts of other’s and our own. Take a stand with words instead of guns! They are way more powerful and just love one another until there are no more monsters, no more ghosts just us and our future!                                                             Our Children!





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