I jog down to the river as I do every morning. The brisk cold and the rain that fell the night before has caused a foggy mist so thick it’s like trying to walk through soup. My iPod attached to my  shorts that match my running shoes.

There is no music today as I pretend to be singing even though my mind is racing. I finally come to my favorite tree with the iron bench close by. I sit on the bench and heave a long soul-shuddering breath. As I lean down head between my legs gulping in air that is now filling my lungs. Sweat trickles down my forehead and rolls down my pinkened cheeks then continues down in between my breasts through the hot pink tank I am wearing

No one is around and as my heart rate finally begins to slow back to normal. I am now feeling the 5 miles I have just ran. The fog has now thickened to where I can barely see a foot in front of me. Which makes it perfect for what I am here to do. The river bank is just beyond that tree and I rise up to collect the gun now wedged in between my panties and shorts. I fish it out and take one last long look at it before I edge closer to the river until it comes into view through the soupy darkness.

I look around before tossing the gun in and watch as it sinks like a rock below the surface of the inky blackness of the water before fully disappearing. A sigh of relief hits me and I am so glad I thought of the river to CONCEAL this particular weapon. No one will ever know that I did it! I did it, I killed my husband! After years of abuse and torture, I am finally free of him and his tyrannical ways.

People had been talking behind her back for years about his cheating ways! Ha! Ha! She would have the last laugh now! They will all just think he ran off with one of his many mistresses. Instead of fertilizing her prize-winning roses in the backyard.

It is nearing 6am there is no sun yet but she can feel it coming up over the horizon. With it, a smile approaches her face and for the first time in 15 years, she feels hopeful for her future. As she begins to jog back toward the house her smile widens even more.

Time to dispose of the body Ha! Ha! ha! Ha!

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