“You have some nerve”, Clair said as she stalked toward her Captian. “How could you possibly think that partnering me with my ex-husband would be a great idea”, she huffed as she cornered him.

Normally she would be intimidated by his ‘6’ plus height to her 5 ‘2’ size but she was spitting nails and once you get a fiery red head fired up there was no stopping her.

Finally. Captain Charles spoke in that lethal tone of his letting Clair know she had pushed too far. “I know that you are mad get over it. I am the boss here and you are superior you need to remember that before I suspend you for insubordination. Now get out of my sight and do your job”, he seethed.

Still furious but knowing when to back Clair did an about face and ran smack dab into a wall of muscle. She knew those abs anywhere as they belonged to her ex Mark. At 6 ‘2’ he was hotter than the last time she saw him. Which if memory served was at their divorce. He grabbed her to steady her and a shiver ran through her. Pissed off that even now after everything that has happened between them just one touch from him made her hot!

They met 10 years ago at the Police Academy. They had been hot and heavy a whirlwind romance that had her making the biggest mistake of her life. While her star rose and she became the youngest Detective in history at the precinct. His jealousy tore them apart. Just as quickly as they came together their marriage fizzled out when she came home and caught him in bed with her best friend!

Now 5 years later here he was suddenly back in her life and her partner, no less! Ha! What a joke. She worked her gaze up to his face and those eyes that still haunted her!

His crystal blue eyes that she could always see herself in. That smile began to creep up, that smile that used to make her melt. The same smile that in the end broke her heart! “Remove your hands from me now”, she stated temper barely in check. “Okay, okay! Just trying to keep you balanced”, He said in that thick tone of his that always made her pant. Even now she couldn’t believe her reaction to him. She hadn’t seen the miserable, lying, cheating, son of a bitch, in 5 years. How is it still possible he had this effect on her.

“Let’s start over, clean slate here”, he breathed out! as he stuck his hand out for her to shake. Looking into his eyes she could tell he was serious. Clair had always considered herself the bigger person in their relationship so she took it. “Nice to meet you my name is Clair Jones”, she uttered between clenched teeth.

That smile if his now getting dangerously wider he now showed her his pearly whites. That sent another shiver down her spine.He smiled as if he already had her yet again. “My name is Mark Connor! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership”, he sad tone gone, sultry at the end.

Why did Clair’s heart skip a beat when he said that. Her eyes never leaving his twinkling ones. Man, she was in trouble! Why did she have a feeling she was about to enter take two of mistake number one! Why did a thrill of anticipation shoot through her at the thought!

Let the games begin…

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