“There’s always a PRICE to pay”, Damien said as he stalked Laura like prey. She backed up slowly until her back hit the cold steel of the wall. Laura knew she was in trouble then. With his cat eye’s already devouring her she could feel the lust rolling off of him.

“It’s time you made good on your debt pretty kitty”, he growled. Laura knew in this moment there would be no saving her ass this time. She was going to have to do the dirty with the one man in the world she detested.

Ever since he killed her brother and took over the clan as the Alpha she had despised him. Sure, he had done what no other Alpha had ever done before. In just 5 short years he had brought every kind of shifter cat together as one. They were now, for the first time in history at peace. Sure her brother had been a son of a bitch that had just about ran her clan into the ground. However, did it give Damien the right to kill him? He was her brother after all and Damien had been trying to get into her pants for years. Why on earth would he ever do something that would end that possibility forever.

She had been so infatuated with him as a teenage girl. Ever since that day, that day on the beach. She recalled a memory of wandering through the woods picking berries when she came upon a clearing with a waterfall and a white sandy beach. It was so beautiful but what caught her eye was the man and woman making love in the sand. The woman she still couldn’t place but the man, that man was Damien.

The sun glistening off his jet black hair that hung wet down to his shoulders gently swaying with each thrust. The droplets of water catching it just so and it sparkled like diamonds. the water trickling down his massive chest and disappearing into parts unknown to her. She couldn’t stop staring at the happy trail that went down, down and beyond.

A growl broke her concentration she jerked her head up to see the most beautiful emerald eyes she had ever seen. They were filled with lust and curiosity. As he continued to make love to still, unknown woman he stared at Laura the entire time. Never breaking eye contact until she couldn’t take his intense gaze any longer and ran. Changing into her true form the Leopard she ran and ran and ran. As far away from the most erotic scene, she had, to date ever witnessed and away from the devil with the long black hair and those emerald eyes. That always seem to say “The better to see you with, my dear”.

Laura had been in love with him ever since then. Stupid girl that she was she now knew was just love disguised as love. Some years later when the clan started to fail he swooped in like he grim reaper promptly killing her brother and taking over. The one and only family member she had left. Leaving all his debt for her to pay off once again. Now here she was at the mercy of the one man that held her future in the palm of his hand. The only thing that he wanted in return was her! Would this make her a whore. Sleeping with the enemy to get what she wanted ?

Shaken out of her memories and jolted back to the present Damien was now upon her. His jet black hair now tied in a Que that she used to dream about running her fingers through. Those eyes, those emerald green eyes that used to keep her up at night. Those eyes now bored into her like he could see into her somehow.

She started to move but with his Panther reflexes he caught her with one hand while reaching up to cup her cheek with the other. The instant heat from his touch seared her to the bone. Her pulse quickened and her body betrayed her just by responding to him. Damn the betrayal! He sniffed the air around her and that smug smile she hated so much appeared. “I can smell your desire for me, Laura. You may be able to lie to me but your body never will”. He ran his hand  under her hair at the nape and yanked her to him. Her body melting into his perfectly. She could feel the rock hard erection through his jeans as he slammed his mouth down onto hers with a scorching kiss.

His tongue dove down to the recesses of her mouth and it was as if liquid fire and the sweetest honey were being poured down her throat. All of her nerves coming alive for the first time in her life. She knew in that moment she was his forever!

He released her gasping for air as he fell to his knees beside her and tried to regain some composure. In between breaths he finally started to speak “I.. have.. loved.. you since that day”! He stood up and came back to Laura wrapping her up in his arms as he began stroking her hair. “You remember that day, don’t you Laura! That day you intruded on me at the beach”. She shivered and he knew she was recalling the moment their eyes met so long ago.

“Then why, why would you kill my brother ,” she stammered through his shirt. He stiffened but realized maybe it was time to finally tell her the truth. Even if it hurt her. He thought it best to just rip the band-aid off all at once. “He knew, your brother, he knew how much I loved you. He said that he had already sold you to the local Wolf pack> The whole reason I went for the Alpha anyway to get those damned Wolves out of the area. They needed to be stopped and fast. Your brother sold you like cattle to be raped and impregnated repeatedly until they used you up and then they would have simply killed you”. All so he could have money to buy more booze and put you further into debt. He said the only way to void the contract was to kill him. He gave me no choice. It was either him or you and you were never an option”, he gushed out voice trembling as he said the last.

Laura cried out and pulled away to look him in his eyes that were now glazed over with unshed tears. She could taste the truth of what he said on her tongue. He knelt down to her once again, this time grabbing her hand as if proposing.

“Laura Delgado! I have loved you since the day we met, everything I have ever done I have done to protect you. I will love you now and until my last breath. Your debt is paid in full but my debt to you can never be repaid. You own my heart and I gladly give it to you! There is always a price to pay I pay it to you with all the love and heart I have to give. I am yours! Do with me what you will…


<a href=””>Price</a&gt;





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