Well, I have decided to write a fictional story today to today’s prompt! Look out it is  fiction and it’s racy!

“Talk dirty to me!” Is what Kayla said to Frank as she pulled into her  assigned spot at the University. Frank was her Colleague and was hot as hell! He was a man of Science that just didn’t get why women fell all over themselves for him! Kayla loved that about him. He was a reserved gentleman and making him feel uncomfortable (sexually) was the highlight of her day.

“You need to get here now”, he stated flatly. “The formula is ready to test out. It seems that this time it worked we need to test it now!” At this new information, Kayla got a tingly sensation that had nothing to do with Frank’s sexy voice.

They had been working on a formula that would essentially arouse the opposite sex. As a man of Science Frank thought they should actually be the lab rats here instead of actual rats since all the other tests failed before. Kayla was all for this as she had wanted to sleep with Frank since the moment she met him. Even though she had never made a move and would need no “formula” to get her motor running where Frank was concerned. He, however, needed everything they had and maybe then some.

Kayla could barely contain her excitement as she said,”I’m here I’m on my way in right now hold on to your pants will ya”. As he  gasped she smiled a wicked smile and hung up the phone. Oh, this boy was in for a treat she was going to have her legs wrapped around his waist in no time at all. She always thought he was a virgin, by the way, he acted sometimes but she was going to have to fix that real soon. No one that fine should still be a virgin at 35!

She was always fantasizing about walking into the lab and him clearing off the table with his bare hands. As the beakers fell to the floor so did her pants. He would grab her and throw her on said table and then rip off his Clark Kent glasses! Just like that, he would be Superman and take her right there on the table nothing on but his white lab coat.

She rushed into the School as her heart began to race at the prospect of exactly this fantasy happening when she walked in. As she got closer to the lab she could hardly breathe. This was it this was the moment she had been waiting for working side by side with this man for four years. This was her reward for being such a good side kick! She was finally going to Fuck the one man in the world that has eluded her for so long. She couldn’t wait to show him a thing or two…

As Frank hung up his phone he exhaled sharply. This was it the moment he has been waiting for the excuse he needed to get Kayla into bed. He has fantasized about this woman since the day she walked into his life four years ago. Fresh out of College she was the most gorgeous woman Frank had ever seen.With long black hair, that curled at the edges and those legs. Those legs that never quite. He was hard for her, even now and those eyes, those smoky hazel eyes that seem to see all the dark things he wanted to do to her.


He had never met such a headstrong opinionated woman in his life and it turned him on. He was going to do things to her that she had never dreamed of before. All those times she had teased him and tortured him. He had an eidetic memory after all and he would remember every time she taunted him and make her pay! She had no idea the storm that was brewing inside of him and she would be reaping the rewards for it. He wanted to punish her but at the same time, all he wanted to do was sink into her and make her his.

So many time he had fantasized about taking her right here on the lab table. As the beakers fell to the floor so did his pants! He would grab her, throw her on said table and have his wicked way with her. Normally very reserved Kayla brought out the whore in him and he was gonna show her just how wicked he could be.

Being thorough as a man of Science he downed the new formula and was instantly horny. Man,  this shit worked great! He dropped his pants and started to touch himself waiting for the moment Kayla burst through the doors as she normally did. Boy, oh boy, did he have a surprise for her…

Kayla got to the lab door and drew  a breath this was it no turning back now. She was excited at the prospect of having sex with Frank. She opened the door and this time, a gasp escaped her. There he stood Frank, in all his glory, naked. She was shocked at how beautiful and big (in more ways than one) he was. Finally, their eyes met, her smoky ones to his big bright blue ones. In a voice, she never recognized before he whispered,”shut the door, Kayla.” A thrill went through her as she smiled her wicked smile again and replied, “Yes Professor anything you want.” As she closed the door behind her…

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