Life is fleeting! So we need to soak up every moment of it like a sponge! When you love, love with your whole heart. When you laugh, laugh until it hurts. When you cry, cry as if its your last day on earth!

Be kind to one another because who knows where you will  wind up. (You know the old saying treat others as you would want to be treated)! Kill em with kindness we don’t have time in our short time on earth to be filled with hate and anger.

Discover something new! Take time to stop and admire all of God’s beauty! He didn’t put it here for our enjoyment!

No need to rush through life it will be gone before you know it!

Take long walks on the beach, grab a blanket and sit by the warmth of a fire in your own back yard! Relax enjoy the little moments! They will be gone in a flash!

Stick your fingers in the ground while planting feel God’s creation between your fingers! Scale the Mountains! Swim in the deepest oceans! This is the closest to God we will ever feel!

Gaze at the many night lights that twinkle upon us all! People call them stars!

Eat the most delicate of fruits and most exotic cuisine! It will be worth it! Travel the globe! God made us all different for a reason. We need to take advantage of our differences and learn from each other!

Live, Love, Laugh! It is just a moment and then it is gone! Our life is fleeting! let’s make the most of it shall we…


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