The definition of a misstep is a clumsy or badly judged step. Synonyms are MISTAKE, ERROR, BLUNDER, SLIP, FAUX PAS, INFELICITY. 

We all misstep at times that’s life! That is how we learn and grow as a person. Hopefully, though we have someone there to catch us when we fall. Or someone who can help us forgive our mistakes and love us anyway. I know I have has many misstep’s in my life most of which no one was there to help me after the fact. It is a long lonely road to fix your mistakes all alone.

Now I have my husband and even better than helping me when I fall. He can help prevent any faux pas that  I am headed for before it happens. He is the love of my life and we have been through a lot of misstep’s together but we came out of it wiser and closer than ever. It is nice to have someone there it lift you up when you fall and wipe your tears when you just can’t.

One little misstep can change everything. Or it can bring you closer to the one you love either way it is always nice to have someone to lean on at the time…

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