OKAY! I have decided to do a second blog based on this week’s “BLOGGING THE SENSES”.  So here goes.

We all have 5 senses there is sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, but what about that 6th sense! You know the one, that one that we often brush off as Deja Vu or the eerie feeling that someone just “WALKED OVER YOUR GRAVE”! The feeling is what I believe to be our 6th sense kicking in. Most people go through life with just those feelings but then there are others more “sensitive” that have experience even more than a funny feeling when you walk into the grocery store for the first time and think “I’ve been here before”. Or you pass by a house while driving and just know you have been there before even though you know you haven’t. Is it a trick of the brain or is it something more.    I am  interested in the more sensitive people. I think I actually fall into this category

Have you ever had a dream something was going to happen and then later, out in the real world it came true? I have several times! Sometimes they are to the point of creepy!  I  have had a feeling something was going to happen and then… It does!    The most prominent incident happened several years ago I had just gotten home from a trip I had been on for several weeks. I spent all my time with my boyfriend since we had been apart for so long.

One night I woke to the feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I quickly realized it wasn’t me it was an overwhelming feeling that my boyfriend was ill. Not just a common cold either it was like like he was dying. I had my roommate rush me over to his apartment and the closer we got to his place the worse I felt. By the time, we pulled up in front of his place I was hyperventilating and almost passed out. This feeling was that overwhelming. I ran and fell into him.  As he wrapped me in his arms he assured me he was okay and wiped my tears that were now pouring out of me.

About 2 weeks later he broke up with me. He said it wasn’t me it was him he wasn’t ready to get as serious as he was getting with me. I was pissed but took it like an adult.

About a month later I went to visit him and was shocked to see his apartment completely empty. What, had he moved just to get away from me! I was hurt and confused all at the same time. Suddenly his best friend who lived nest door to him popped his head out of his door and waved me over. I stomped over and asked, “what the hell, did he move”. Shaking his head he patted my arm and said, “I have something to tell you he made me promise I wouldn’t tell you but now that he has moved I think you should know”. As I sat on his doorstep he began to tell me where my ex had gone. You see years ago he had Leukemia as a kid and beat it. I already knew this and also knew there was always a risk of it coming back. The friend sat there and told me how while I had been away he found out that it had indeed come back and this time, there was nothing they could do. He was actually dying and didn’t want anyone to have to watch him die.   His friend said that I made him feel things he had never even hoped to feel and if he hadn’t had a time table on his life that he would have been with me forever. As the tears started to fall his friend hugged me and said he really loved you. He just didn’t want you to go through his inevitable demise and be left alone. I wish he would have let me make that decision but I think he knew I would have chosen him.

Back to that 6th sense. I knew, I knew the moment I ran into his arms that something was horribly wrong with him. Sometimes these 6th sense feelings are a curse. I have many many more stories and they freak me out. That is why even though I entertain the idea of getting my palm read, or checking out a Quiji board I can never do it. My 6th sense is already tuned in why heighten it with whatever else I could possibly unleash.

I have had too many experiences as it is without adding to them. My 6th sense has brought me nothing but fear. If not something bad actually happening to me or others it has been a sign of things to come. I haven’t had any in a while so I hope it went away. Or maybe I will dream tonight of a big party with everyone celebrating me and my book in the near future.  Nah! It never works out that way but please if you have had any freaky stories tell me I want to know I am not alone here…

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One thought on “THE 6TH SENSE

  1. Like U… my 6th sense is always been about bad things going to happen or happened. Mostly people dying or died and I just found out from FB. Just pray and try to think good vibes to reverse the “curse” if possible. You are definitely not alone but I for one don’t want to talk much about it but just to let you know. Cheer up!


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