Thinking of  senses often remind me of HELEN KELLER! Of how she couldn’t hear or see! Yet somehow she found the sheer will to survive on her other senses. I actually didn’t know until I researched her for this blog that she was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree. If that wasn’t impressive enough she was an American Author, Political Activist, and a Lecturer. She has just become one of my top ten heroes!

I couldn’t imagine not being able to rely on all my senses. Don’t ask to which one I could do without the answer is NONE!

I have actually thought about my blogs I have done in the past and almost all of them touch on at least one of my senses. The things I have seen, the things I have tasted, the things I have touched! Amazingly breathtaking!

One of the greatest things I have ever had the privilege of experiencing was my first summer in Florida. I was 12 and to this day one of the greatest moments of my life. I stood there on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on a clear blue sunny day gazing at the horizon that seemed to never end. The ocean going on forever! The waves crashing against the shore as they have done for an eternity. The roar of the tide rushing in became deafening but it was still a wonderful sound. The sand squishing between my toes as the waves lap at my feet. It was one of the most exhilarating and peaceful moments of my life. I can still smell the salty sea in the air with the sun at my back as the water soothes me. Watching the sun set over that very same ocean was magical. To see the exact moment the sun kisses the ocean and for one brief moment, it feels as though the heavens and earth are one.

To hear your baby cry for the first time is the sweetest music I have ever heard, and then to gaze upon her face for the first time! You just know you are in the presence of a miracle!

To be able to taste the most exotic of cuisines sea to sea it is a privilege. Savoring every bite while the most delicious of flavors burst in your mouth and your taste buds come alive.

To stop and smell the roses (literally) with every color in the rainbow to feel their silk petals on the pad of your thumb. Those delicate buds are so beautiful.

To be able to see the leaves change in the Fall to what I think are the most beautiful colors in the world.

To feel the caress of the one you love enveloping you in his arms. Holding you so lovingly as if to say he will never let you go. You know in this moment you are home.

To experience one is great wonderful even but most of the time I realized after writing this you never really use just one sense at a time. They work together as a team! And when several interact at the same time! Pow! It is an amazing thing! Just like I could never pick one I could do without I could never pick just one to write about.

I have to write them all! They are after all a part of my everyday life. Even if I am unaware of it most of the time. As is the case with writing this blog! The feel of the pencil in my hand, the smell of the lead and eraser working together to make sure I get it just right! Seeing the page getting filled up with my words, my thoughts, my experiences! Nothing feels as good as this! It’s my passion and all five senses come alive.

I can smell the paper it reminds me of school, I can touch them with my fingertips very gently, I can hear the whir of the computer as I type! Creating my new blogs!

I can almost taste the victory…

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