Today is my oldest son’s 17th birthday! He is about 5 ft 11 inches with a size 12 shoe size! Seventeen years ago today he was born at 5:33 a.m. at 24 and a half inches long and 7lbs even he was a long skinny thing.

I cannot believe that he is seventeen today! Where the hell did the time go! It was like yesterday he was being swaddled in my arms and opening his eyes for the first time to gaze upon face! believe that cute little baby now looks like a grown man with his little mustache coming in.

Man, I am getting old! It won’t be long he will be gone and starting his own life! I am scared to death that he will fail and I as his pnt have failed to prepare him for the road ahead. No one taught me and I fell on my face more than once. I just hope he knows how much I love him and that he can always come to me for anything.

Today is a sad and happy day! I am happy we get to celebrate his birth. Yet, at the same time sad he will be leaving me and the safety I provide.I a torn as his parent to hold on tight and never let him go but I know as a good parent I must let my baby bird fly!

A mother’s  bond with her son is a beautiful thing! You hurt my baby I hurt you! No woman will ever be good enough for my birthday boy!




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