Longing is dangerous, thing! You have to know how close to the line you can get before crossing over into envy, or coveting something that doesn’t belong to you! Those are very bad sins one of the 10 commandments and the lines tend to blur between them.

You can long for something a better life, a published book, a better life for your children. However, when you start looking at others and longing for things they have it becomes something different more sinister even!

You are no longer longing for something you are coveting thy neighbor’s well anything! That is where you are breaking God’s Law! Everyone has done it I am sure at one time or another. That is why we should look at what others have! We need to appreciate the things we have and if we don’t like it, change it! Only we have the power to change our own situation. That is why I long for a day where we can all just be happy with what we have and all just get along…

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2 thoughts on “LONGING

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