Much like motherhood, a writer’s work is never done! She is the person her children look to for guidance. Just like her readers look to her for the next part of the story she has created. There is never any down time for her as she is either feeding the kids or rewriting the last chapter to perfection. She loves her kids as well as her readers even when they are being bad weather it a disobedient child or a bad review. She still trudges through the trenches to make them happy that is what a good mother and writer do, after all. 

She strives to be the best at motherhood and writing, all she wants is to be loved. By her kids, her fans, by all! She wants the appreciation of her good story and her children, yet she loves both fans and children anyway, even if she never gets it. Whether she is doing the laundry, making lunches, killing off a character, or rewriting that dedication because she left someone out. She is happy as a mother and a writer, even if she is running on no sleep due to her dedication to both. She is a mother, She is a writer and she wouldn’t want it any other way!



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