I can’t stand politics! Politicians are the greatest actors around!

They make promises they know they can’t keep. Then when we (The American People) vote for them and they don’t follow through we get upset! Why do we get our hopes up for disappointment anyway! When we know they will fail us.

I caught a little bit of a news show yesterday they were talking about Donald Trump! The guy on there (I don’t remember his name) said something about Donald Trump “The Politician”. I was instantly pissed!

First of all Donald Trump is and always will be just a rich guy with shitty hair, to me. I mean the guy is uber rich and yet he can’t fix his damned hair! If he can’t even fix his hair how am I supposed to be comfortable enough to vote for him as “President” to fix our country!

Second of all since when did he become a “Politician”! So, anyone can now slap that word in front of their name and BAM… Politician! I guess it is true what they say money can literally buy you anything!

The things I have heard him saying on tv in his “speeches” are ridiculous! If he somehow becomes President this country is worse off than I thought. It is too late to save a nation already in the toilet!

If he or any other “Politician” wants my vote they need to be out feeding the hungry, sheltering those in the streets, and finding a way to cut down on crime. None of those things are ever mentioned and yet that is what most of our country is now. Starving, homeless, people. Even those of us that have jobs are barely eating and fight monthly to pay our mortgage’s! When are we going to get someone in office that actually cares about the people that put him or her in office anyway! Do they forget they work for us?


Instead of sticking their nose in other countries where it doesn’t belong. When will we have someone worthy of the name “President”! There will never be one like they were back in the day like Lincoln freeing the slaves and making us all equal as it should be. I fear! Today’s Presidental campaigns are all a show of popularity. (Who has the most money) not focused on the people where it belongs!

Man, I hate Politics…



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