Everyone has that certain customer that just won’t listen to what you are telling them. On a daily basis I have those callers that have somehow dialed the wrong number and somehow it is your fault. I have to tell them several times they have the wrong company and they are either too stupid or too stubborn to hear you. I mean really hear you.

I had a guy call me a few months ago that was delivering a pizza to someone’s home. I told him several times he had reached a business not a home. He didn’t believe me! He couldn’t find the address and was now lost! He started to argue that I was lying to him and I was making him get lost on purpose so I could get the pizza for free! What?

I apologized to him for any inconvenience and had to wind up hanging up the phone when he started cussing me out. Really! Is it that dire in this world that he get that upset over delivering his pizza!


What I wanted to say so badly and had to bite my tongue to actually keep from saying it. To keep my job was “Look, idiot why would I lie about being the person that you are trying to deliver the pizza to. Especially when I told you who I was and what company you had called when the phone rang. You need to chill out and take a Xanex or something if you get this riled up over Pizza delivery… Dumbass!



  1. This reminds me of a time when we got home from somewhere to see a rather testy note on our door about not being home for a delivery of beauty bark. We hadn’t ordered any beauty bark. I called the number of the company to let them know that they probably had the address on the delivery wrong. Turned out that the order was for one block north of us. I wonder if the folks a block north of us had called angry about not getting the delivery. If we can all keep our sense of humor intact it is the stuff sit-coms are made of.

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