Oh! So many things bore me! Sitting at work in our down time with nothing to do! Which is what I am doing right now. It is 9:37 a.m. I just got here and I am already bored.

Other things bore me too like Football games, any Western on tv, or a book that looks delicious on the outside, but keeps losing me on the inside. This is distressing since I am a very visual reader when it comes to the books. I read it and it is as if I am transported right into the middle of the story. I can almost feel the wind in my hair, or the sword being thrown down in challenge  or the Wolf breathe down my neck as he shifts from human to animal.

The book must be boring if I can’t even picture the story! YAWN! I need a nap now!

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One thought on “BOREDOM!

  1. Boredom is never fun (hence, the name boredom). But fortunately technology and cell phones were invented so that never happens to us. But even with this pervasive creation, I still think that nothing can substitute the joys of actually going out and doing something in the fresh air. Books that are deceiving like that, frustrate me so much that now I have to rely on book reviews before I check out a library book. I know, it’s sad. Watching sports don’t interest me except soccer (only because I used to play) and even as a college student, football isn’t any more interesting than staring at a rock.


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