Have you ever got a song in your head but you could only grasp a word or two and bothers you for weeks that you know the song you just can’t figure out the title or the singer. Then suddenly it just hits you like  a ton of bricks and your like Duh!

Well, this phenomenon  has been happening to me not weeks but months. This one song has been driving me absolutely crazy. I have been on the brink of madness for weeks now. All I could remember from this song was something about love and making love. Something along those lines. all I know is that I could not retrieve it from my memory bank and I was getting pissed. Turns out it was filed in my brain wrong.

Last night after months and I do mean months of torture. I was trying to sleep and about 12:30 it hit me like an avalanche. Every word, every part of the video from way back in the day came rushing back. I almost yelped with glee I was so excited to finally remember I didn’t care what time it was. Although I did pay for the late hour today at work.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer the song was…..


I loved that song and as I am writing this I am watching that old ass video on Youtube. It is just as good as I remember.

Now I can sleep tonight. Thank God!





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