The funniest relationship disaster story paints me as kind of a bitch. I can laugh about it now, but as it was happening I thought man I am such a bitch.

You see it all started over 15 years ago. I had just moved in with my future husband and we were great together. Except he was always stressed about when and where I was  going? Who I was going with? That sort of thing. In fact, we argued about it quite a bit.

So one day I got off work a little early and our son hadn’t been picked up or anything! I picked him up and came home. I knew the moment I stepped through the front door he had already gotten off because the shower had been used recently and his dirty clothes were still on the bathroom floor. With no note or anything explaining where he’d gone I instantly saw red.

It was cool if he went all over town without any explanation, but not me? I don’t think so!! I paced, and paced, and paced. Getting more pissed by the moment. What on earth could possibly be more important than picking up our child and getting him home.

About an hour later he shows up in swimming trunks and a dozen roses. I was even more, pissed at the sight. As it turns out he got off at noon and decided to go to Oceans of Fun the waterpark up the street. My blood was boiling. I didn’t care that he had brought me a dozen roses. I assumed he knew I would be pissed for ditching his responsibilities to go play hooky and that is why he got them.

I let him have it. I was pissed and he was going to feel my wrath. All though he just stood there with this stupid grin on his face. After I yelled and let him have an earful I went into out room to calm down. While I was in there he had called his mother over. Now that was another hot button issue for me. Every time we got into a fight he would call his mother! What? I came out of the room still fuming. I could feel my hackles rising all over again when I saw his mother standing there also smiling like an idiot!

OMG! I thought to myself he is going to leave me and his mom is here to help him take our son away. I was so upset I was shaking. He took both of my hands in his and sat me down on the couch. While his mother sat Indian Style on the floor in front of us with my son in her lap.

I got amped up even more when he said what he said next ” We need to talk”. Terrified of what was to come next I started to tear up. That is like the ultimate line in every breakup movie EVER! I was not prepared for what he actually said, he took my hand in his hand looked deep into my eyes and said,” You know I love you right”. Now being raised old fashioned his father used to say “Never tell a woman you love her unless you are willing to put a ring on her finger”.

Fast forward to this particular moment. It was the first time he had ever uttered those words to me. He then got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of thin air and proposed. Tears in my eyes I could not yet comprehend what I was seeing my very manly boyfriend down on one knee. (Very romantic). Giving me his heart and a promise of forever, asking me to be his. I was so stunned that the only thing I could say was “If the ring fits” How horrible am I!

Still a little peeved about earlier and now this unexpected turn of events. I was in a whirlwind of emotions. He put the ring on my finger and it fit perfectly. It turns how he had been planning this moment for months. He had even secretly gotten my ring size. Also, as it turns out those roses, he hadn’t gotten them out of guilt. They were the beginning of my proposal.

He had taken off work early to get everything lined up and finish paying off the ring. He had only gone to Oceans of Fun to kill time until the ring was ready to be picked up. I felt like the biggest bitch in the world. Here was making plans for our future and I had been screaming at him like a Banshee. I am really surprised he went through with the proposal after that. He must really love me.

Needless to say, all was forgiven. Not only did I get the verbal confirmation of his love I had been waiting for. That was also the day I got engaged to my soul mate. Ironically after that day, he never complained to his mother about me or needed to know when or where I was going all the time. It all worked out and here we are still happy some 15 years later, but I will never forget how awful I acted on that day….


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3 thoughts on “THE PROPOSAL

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  2. Great story! How very sweet. We can all be a little horrible at times–part of being in a relationship is pushing buttons, having your own buttons pushed, and acting a little out of character at times as a result. =)


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