It’s a cold rainy day in late fall,

the eternal rain is driving everyone mad.

I pull my coat tighter and the bitterness is sharp,

The wind whips through my hair and tousles it.

There has been no sun in days,

It should be very depressing.

Yet a calm washes over me as much as the cold,

For the first time, I feel a weight lifted.

I can finally say Goodbye,

Farewell to the pain,

Farewell to the past.

Farewell to once was,

Farewell to the demons that have now become quite in my soul.

Farewell to the little girl I used to be,

We are both now free.

I can see her floating away on the brutal breeze,

I am left standing there calm and content.

Now grown I can face the world alone,

I no longer need her to hide the pain.

I pull my coat even tighter,

As I step into the street with a bittersweet smile on my face.

She is always with me in spirit,

Our farewell was long over due.






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