I feel empty life a vase that has no flowers.

I am spent from the days on end of writing. I no longer make sense anymore and I just want to lie down. However, my fingers will not let me as I continue to type. If I could just rest my head on the back of the couch and close my eyes for 10 minutes I would be good.

A little drunk and listening to some soul touching music I cannot stop. I am going mad to the sound of the clicking the keys make as I type. I want to stop, but this obsession has taken me over so completely I am almost afraid to. The emptiness only grows when I stop and I cannot stomach the torture of guilt I feel when I am not writing.

I want to write that great American novel, but I just cannot get the right words out so  stop writing and here comes the pains. I get bored easily I  have OCD with my hobbies. However this, this is not a hobby and I am afraid if I stop for even a day it will become one. This passion I have is too great for that.

I have enjoyed the classes WordPress has to offer. I have expanded myself as a writer in more ways than I thought possible. Even though I have 50 followers now which is something I never thought possible. I adore every one of them. I find the last few days there is something missing. I feel as though I have nothing left to say. Sure I do the “Daily Post” and I just finished the Writing 101 Poetry class. I feel nothing I post is good enough to actually read. And I have started a couple of books that I am now stagnant on.

One of them is my life story I know I have plenty more to say but where did it go? It’s in there rolling around my brain somewhere, but I feel like the well has run dry. Please, God, tell me that is not all I have to say.

I have another book I have started and I actually have the first one done as a mini book. Like a prequel book to the much meatier first novel. I love it and it all just kind of came to me. It is a Paranormal Fiction and everyone that has read it loves it yet I know they could just be saying that because they are close friends and family members. I really need, to get it together any suggestions?

If you want to read my Paranormal Romance mini book it is on my blog it’s called SLIM PICKINGS. I will post the link below. There are 13 little chapters to that one. Then I have started Book 1 or 2 depending on how you look at it the next one is Slim Pickings Secrets. Sorry about the rant sometimes you just have to get things off your chest and the best way for me to do that is to write about it. Since I consider all of you family now. I hide nothing.




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