My worst quality is my lack of patience. Others might tell you it’s that I don’t keep a clean enough house or I don’t cook as often as I once did. These are also the very same people that haven’t been cooking or cleaning since they were 12 like I have. It is exhausting and they don’t help me cook or clean anyway so their opinion doesn’t count.

The one thing I really can’t stand is that I am very, impatient person. Waiting at the Doctors office for over 2 hours only to have my visit with the Doc only last about 15 minutes. What? Or that 2 to 3 hour wait at the DMV only to have my transaction last about 5 minutes. Really! I feel like pulling my hair out just thinking about my next visit to either of those places. AHHHHH!

My patience wears thin very quickly. I feel like when God was handing out patience I was in the wrong line. Maybe watching a movie or reading a good book who knows.

Although, having kids has helped tremendously. I have learned to have a bit more patience when it comes to them. Maybe when I have grandkids that will mellow me even more. Hopefully! Here’s to looking forward to the future….


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