WRITING 101 POETRY DAY 6

The sky weeps rain once again on this dark night,

I gaze out the window as the cat speaks to me of treats.

It is Christmas time and I long for it to  be over, 

The dressing of the tree, the  shopping, the weather, it all stinks to high heaven.

I sit here and contemplate the coming New Year and all its potentials,

The slate wiped clean for new beginnings.

Then comes Spring with all its hope and new life,

She is a beauty with all her darling buds of May.

Summer is a hot one and the sun scorches my skin,

Even the Dog wants to go swimming to cool off.

Fall is fabulous with his colors and his beauty, 

He cries as the leaves begin to fall.

And once again I start to feel the skeletal fingers of Winter,

freezing me down to my very bones.

I find myself gazing out that very same window,

as  time flies by.



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