Writing Prompt #69 - First time necromancer

She just turned sixteen in the small village she called home. With her coal black hair the one silver stripe that she has had since birth stood out like a  sore thumb. She was always told she would one day be a powerful Necromancer. She was told she would come into her powers on her sixteenth birthday, yet here she was now sixteen technically an adult according to her parents and nothing. 

The party was two-fold, one to signify she was now sixteen and two to signify her incoming powers. She sat  eating her favorite cake her mom always made from scratch just for her special day. 

The chocolate icing now warm and oozing off the top of her third piece. She picked at it realizing she had been eating her feelings and disappointment over not getting her powers. The fire was dwindling and everyone was starting to turn in for the night. 

Was she a dud or what? The prophecy said she would be the most powerful Necromancer ever and she had nothing, not even a spark! She felt like a disappointment to everyone especially her Mother the one who supposedly had passed on this great power to her. No longer able to stomach her guilt or the cake she hopped off the hay bale she had been sitting on and tossed plate and all in the trash. 

Suddenly she heard growling in the distance a black Panther the size of a barn door appeared and sauntered right into camp. With its glowing green eyes, it stalked toward her with a purpose. The growling seemed to turn into a purr while it simultaneously licked its lips as if to say” I am hungry and you are the only thing on the menu”. It approached her and stopped at her feet like it was waiting for something. 

Feeling compelled to touch its soft fur she reached out with shaky fingers to stroke its head. The instant she touched him her fingers zapped like she had been shocked and they lit up with blue liquid fire. The soft blue light traveled up her arm. Just as it reach her neck and mouth it caused her to throw her head back with so much electricity coursing through her. 

Mouth open all you could see was the glow emanating from her eyes and mouth. She screamed a blood-curdling scream, but no one came to help. The screaming was in her head from which there was no escape. Arms outstretched for balance she was a sight to see. The light through and around her like a living light bulb, even her fingertips were shooting blue fire. She could hear the distant waves crashing onto the shore. 

Beating away at the rocks that had eroded over time. She realized all too quickly it wasn’t the sea but her heart racing like a wild stallion running wild and free. It started to slow and the purring started once again. Only this time it seemed to be coming from her. She raised her head back to where the Panther had been only to find through the blue haze that was now fading, the panther was no longer there. 

She had somehow taken the Panther into herself, she had swallowed the mighty beast and now visually saw him curl up for a nap inside her. She felt powerful and knew from the very depth of her soul she could raise the dead with a single thought. The power of the Panther fierce and strong making her strong for the first time in her life. She flexed with the new power that only a Necromancer could have.

The blue light finally dissipated and as she looked around she saw the entire village standing around her with bated breath. As her eyes came to a stop on her Mother she saw a glisten of tears in her eyes. Mom started to clap and the whole village cheered, for her new powers that had finally arrived. The real celebration could now begin. Everyone came to congratulate her in a dizzying whirlwind of handshakes and back slapping. 

She needed a break from all the touching and decided to go for a walk in the woods, that also doubled as a cemetery for some alone time. As everything started to fall away she stepped into utter darkness. Led only by her new glowing Panther eyes raising the dead as she went……


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