As I stated in a previous blog on of the things I have been scared of to do was write. Again I have wanted to be a writer ever since I could hold a pencil and write my name. Due to being dragged down mentally and physically. I have never attempted it, the fear of failure very real.

I always have those inner demons in my head telling me that I will fail! However, through therapy and my friends love and support I have started to realize I can do it. After 38 years of never trying the one thing, I have always wanted to do I took the plunge. No longer letting fear rule me and getting the best of me. I realized all those that told me I would never succeed I had let win, all those years by being too afraid they were right and not even trying.

Those voices are much quieter now that I have put my fears aside and started writing. They will always be there it is a daily struggle not to listen to them. I do, however, feel lighter every day I write. Maybe someday I will be able to expel those demons for good.

I do have one other fear, I have never been able to conquer Snakes! I have a phobia about them and an unnatural one at that. I cannot even see a picture of one without damn near hyperventilating. I have two boys and all they want as pets are snakes (so not going to happen).They have made peace with the fact that they will never get one, I won’t even allow a toy snake in the house. I may be a bad mother but my struggle, it’s very real. With their slimy looking skin and those eyes that say they want your very soul. Why on earth would I want to be near one!

There is no amount of money or things in this world you could offer me that would get me near one. It is horrible I know, but that  is my darkest deepest fear to the marrow of my bones. Let’s just leave it at that just thinking about it too long has got me shivering with fear already Ugh!!!!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “SNAKES AND WRITING

  1. There is nothing horrible about you having that feeling or that stance and you certainly aren’t a bad other because of it. Feelings are simply feelings. The are what they are. It will be interesting to see if your experience changes over time though. I’ve found that the things I resist the most usually becomes a major part of my life path! 🙂

    I still usually recoil at spiders but I’ve at least come to the point where I can catch them in a jar and take them outside. That’s progress!

    I would not be at all happy at meeting up with a snake.


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