30 DAY WRITING CHALLENGE


  1. First and foremost has always been Austrailia with its beauty and unique origins. It has always intrigued me.
  2. Second and the last couple of years possibly edging out Austrailia is Italy. If you have read my blog “Italian Style”. You know why.
  3. Fiji has recently been added to the list. It is gorgeous and with its quaint little villages it makes me curious to meet some of the villagers and see if we can connect.
  4. England. my husband’s family   from way,  in the past had a castle and a whole town there. It still exists today the town is still named after my husband’s family name. The castle still sits on top of a hill overlooking the small village. It would be cool to show my boys a part of their history and lineage.
  5. Number five is the entire continent of South America. I live in the United States and in the midwest at that. I know you can drive from here to the southern tip of South America. It would be one hell of a road trip. One I don’t think has ever been done before. Think of all the beauty and history you would see.That would be priceless, but I am guessing very expensive on gas.

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