WICKED WITCH


    I truly believe there is evil in this world, regular and supernatural. I am going to tell you a story you may not believe it but God as my witness these events are all true. They still haunt me to this day.

So every two years my dad’s side of the family has a family reunion. About five years ago my dad got to pick where the reunion was held. He chose Branson MO, as it was close to me so I would be able to go. I looked into hotel prices for the week (that is how long our family reunions last). So I found this one that if you did about a two-hour timeshare seminar you only had to pay $15.00 for this five-star hotel. It was only $15.00 for a four- day five-night stay, I was so excited.

We left and got to Branson. the night before we were set to check into our hotel. We chose a cheap hotel that was a couple of blocks from our hotel.We spent the night and the next day bright and early we headed over to the hotel we would be staying in for the week.

It was like a dream it was called “THE STONECASTLE INN”. The hotel was three buildings each one looked like a castle. Each castle had its own name such as GUINEVERE, LANCELOT, and yup , ARTHUR. As we got to the front gates there were beautiful statues everywhere. I felt like royalty pulling up to my very own castle. It was amazing We were in the third and final castle. We got checked in and unpacked. We didn’t have a whole lot of time because we were due to meet my dad and some Aunt’s, I hadn’t seen in about twenty years.

We left and spent the entire day out, exhausted, we came back to the hotel around 10:30 that night. Everyone needed a shower due to the hot sticky July day, and my car didn’t have air, so we were all soaked and stinky. I went to start the shower for my youngest son who at the time was around four years old. The water came out of the tap scalding hot. I called maintenance and he determined it was a crossed pipe in the wall. They decided we needed to switch rooms because there was nothing available in the castle we were in they had us move to castle number two. So, here we are at 11:30 at night all tired, soaked in sweat and having to move all of our stuff over. I was pissed.

My pissiness evaporated, however, the moment I crossed the threshold into castle number two. The minute I stepped into the building the hairs on the back of my neck began to prickle. It was as if someone or something was watching us walk through the lobby. We got into the elevator and the feeling grew. I was looking around for security cameras or something that would explain this feeling, there were none.

We hit the floor of our room and the feeling intensified, yet again. There was something in this wrong I just couldn’t put my finger on it. At this point, I asked my husband “Do you feel that”. He said, “Feel what”. I realized at this point I am alone in my creeped out, literally hair standing on end, feeling. We get to the room and the creepy feeling became so overwhelming I staggered a little. There was something bad that had happened either in this room or in the building itself, I could feel it in my bones.

We finally got baths and settled the feeling never left me. It was like we were being watched and that something watching us wasn’t human and it wasn’t on our plane of existence. Over the next couple of days, we left the hotel early and came back late and just crashed. That Monday night we had been to Silver Dollar City, from open to close. We were wore out. We all came back around 11:00pm everyone ate, bathed and was in bed in record time. Now the room had two king size beds in it and the only space between both beds was a single night stand that was right up against the bed frames. With a black digital clock with red block letters, that reminded me of a demons eyes in the dark.

We all went to bed my boys in one bed, my husband and I in another. My oldest boy was next to the wall while my youngest was closest to me on the inside next to the night stand. My husband was next to the other wall and the big picture window with the moonlight peeking through the curtains, it was the only light in the room, save for those demon eyes.

The last thing I remember was checking the clock with its beady red eyes glaring 2am at me, before sleep claimed me. Suddenly there was a loud BOOM! I sat straight up and down, looking at the clock it said 2:30am. That is when I heard it, the muffled crying of my son. He had somehow fallen out of bed and fell in between the night stand and the bed.

I slowly extricated him from in between and pulled him into my lap, on the floor between the two beds. The second I wrapped him up in my arms I felt the feeling all over again. Only this time it was a cloak of fear that felt like it settled over my entire body. It seized me, I froze. I knew, in that moment something or someone was in that room and they had been trying to take my son’s innocence or his essence somehow.

After what felt like an eternity which was probably only a few seconds I realize my son had fallen back asleep in my lap and the utter fear I felt wasn’t mine. It was as if I was feeling someone else’s overwhelming fear for their child. I just sat there with this cloak of fear, rocking my son in the dark, with that sliver of moonlight shining down on us.

Suddenly my husband (and the only way I can describe it), flew from his side of the bed and landed right at my feet screaming at the top of his lungs. I yelled at him to stop, but he just kept screaming. I slowly raised up and put my son back in bed. I got nose to nose with my husband and at the top of my lungs screamed for him to stop. I finally realize we needed a light on, and told him to go turn on the lamp light. He went over to it but came right back in front of me and started the screaming all over again.

At this point, I realize he is speaking in another language ( he doesn’t know any language but English), and the fear that had been gripping me intensified. I screamed for him to stop again and two more trips to the light and not turning it on had me worried.

He  made three attempts to reach the lamp, but it was like something compelled him to come right back to the same spot and scream all over again, in this other language. I finally had had enough. I grabbed him and shook him for all I was worth, while screaming at the top of my lungs for him to stop. Just then the moonlight shifted onto his face and his eyes will haunt me forever. They were vacant, empty, no one was home. I was staring into the dead eyes of a stranger. I shook him harder and I literally saw him come back to me. It was like a film strip had shifted and you could see it move over his eyes the moment he was himself again.

He immediately stopped screaming and on the fourth attempt went and turned on the light. The moment the light was switched on, the fear was gone. Everything was once again normal, except for me. I was shaking uncontrollably I had just witnessed, pure evil in the face of my husband. We never talked about it the rest of the trip. He just turned on the light and went back to bed as if nothing had happened. I, on the other hand, went to the bathroom and cried.

The next night, I left the bathroom light on and at 2:30am on the dot again, I woke up straight out of bed, I found it alarming that it was the exact same time as the night before. I did look around the entire room before lying back down.

Two days later we checked out and I told everyone bye, the second we crossed the border leaving Branson, my husband pulled over onto the side of the road and said, ” WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THE OTHER NIGHT”.  I said, ‘What”? He said, “Don’t play dumb with me, you know what”! We talked about it as it turns out the only thing he remembered was the overwhelming need to get to the lamp, but every time he went to turn it on something kept pulling him back to me, and away from the light.

The really creepy thing in all of this is that my oldest son slept through it all. I found out later that this hotel used to be called something else in the 70’s and they did murder mysteries every weekend there. Then three years ago it burned to the ground with no reason whatsoever. creepy right. At the time, this was not a laughing matter to my husband but now this many years later he acts like it was a big joke, if he even talks about it at all, but I know something horrible happened to a child no less, in that room. The evil so strong it had taken over the whole building, something demonic.

Yes, I believe in demons and angels. I have had too many experiences with this not too. I believe because I know they believe in us. All I know is since that night I cannot sleep without a night light. I may sound like a baby but it is better to be safe in the light than scared in the dark.

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