Today I am going to post my favorite top 10 tv shows of the week. They are:

  1. CASTLE- I have been watching it for 8 seasons and it just keeps getting better.
  2. GREY’S ANATOMY- I thought after last season when they killed off one of the main characters that I wasn’t going to watch anymore, but leave it to Shonda Rhimes to suck me back. This show just entered its 12th season.
  3. BLOOD AND OIL- New to television this season it is amazing so far.
  4. SCORPION- This is the beginning of season 2 and it is also fantastic. Although I always feel like the 3rd wheel when the two main characters go through their endless foreplay. Just do it and get it over with already! Ahhhggg!
  5. ONCE UPON A TIME- One of the most innovative shows I have ever seen. It has taken every fairy tale you have ever heard, regular and grim version and twisted them to make them all fresh and new. It makes you realize why you fell in love with those fairy tales to begin with and makes you fall in love all over again. I have now added to my bucket list to one day meet the writer’s of this show they are my heroes. It is currently in the start of season 5.
  6. BLIND SPOT- New this season there have only been 2 episodes but it is intriguing so far can’t wait to see what it has in store.
  7. MINORITY REPORT- Great new show this season. What I like about it is that it picks up where the movie with TOM CRUISE, left off. It should be very interesting.
  8. THE GOLDBERGS- It is at the start of season 3 and I love how it transforms you back to the 80’s every Wednesday night.
  9. BLACKISH- Very good currently in season two and it is hilarious and very informative about the African American Community.
  10. HAWAII 5-0- I started watching this 6 seasons ago for the eye candy that is ALEX O’LAUGHLIN, however, I stayed for the storyline.

Other shows to check out this week:

  1.  QUANTICO-( new show this season ).
  2. BONES- ( entering season 11)
  3. SLEEPY HOLLOW- ( entering season 3).
  4. THE BIG BANG THEORY- ( entering season 9).
  5. CODE BLACK- ( new show this season).
  6. HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER- (entering season 2).
  7. MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD- (entering season 3).
  8. THE FLASH- (entering season 2)
  9. THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA- (entering season 2).
  10. ROSEWOOD- (new show this season).


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